Safety Audits


It is crucial to have an Electrical Safety Program that meets the comprehensive compliance standards and regulations established by OSHA, NEC, NFPA, IEEE, NESC, ANSI and other governing bodies.

Our electrical safety audit is accomplished in a logical series of steps starting at your plant or facility. After the site visit, our auditors produce a detailed, comprehensive report which documents our findings and includes our recommendations for improving or enhancing your electrical-safety program. 

We also provide on-going safety audits to determine that each your employees are fully compliant with mandatory safety-related work practices.

We can help you just as we’ve helped some of the largest companies across several industries and countries. Our electrical safety audit clients include:

  • Mining companies
  • Large and small chemical and petrochemical companies
  • Major electrical service and manufacturing firms
  • Heavy manufacturing companies
  • Metal refining corporations such as steel, silicon, aluminum, and copper

For more information, download our Electrical Safety or Safety Audits brochure.


Electrical Safety BrochureSafety Audits Brochure
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