Training & Safety


For twenty years, Cadick Corporation has been providing electrical safety services and audits of various kinds using personnel with an accumulated experience base of hundreds of years.
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Coordination Studies
  • Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Development of safety procedures
  • Electrical Safety Procedures
    • Lockout/tagout
    • Equipotential grounding
    • Voltage measurement
    • Energy control procedures
  • Electrical safety-related work practices
  • Regulatory aspects of electrical safety
  • Industry-specific electrical safety courses 
    • Utilities
    • Industrial
    • Commercial
  • Electrical safety for the non-electrical worker
  • Customized courses developed for your specific needs
  • Electrical safety audits
  • Forensic and investigative services
    • Accident investigation
    • Risk assessment
    • Failure and fault analysis

All our training development personnel are experienced and skilled in both training methodologies and the technical subjects with which they are working.  All technical, operational, and safety technology in our courses are based on recognized industry standards such as IEEE, OSHA, NEC, NEMA, and IEC.

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